Bio-diesel Generator: CHP

B100 Bio-diesel Generator CHP High quality, Reliable, Proven on 100% B100 Biodiesel EN14214/EN590 Learn More BIOFUEL PERFORMANCE Prime performance guarantee on B100 biodiesel. Speed Fix speed 1500rpm for 50Hz Design Design for multi-unit fast start CHP system, CCHP systems etc. Voltage 380 – 400 V Why Choose Kolar Husky Guarantee no visible smoke during start […]

HVO Generator

100% Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil HVO Generator Operate on Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (HVO 100) EN15940/EN590  Design for Zero Carbon Data Centre Switchable between normal fuel Learn more Our DESIGN European engines Reliable starting during emergency Compatible with normal diesel Up to 3200kVA at 50Hz Design for multiple unit fast start Why Choose Kolar Husky We are […]