Milestone on Tri-Generation in Hong Kong

Kolar Husky has applied the first biodiesel tri-generation in Hong Kong at The CIC Zero Carbon Building. The system is in constant daily operation with commercial reliability standard.

Other than just produce electricity, the biodiesel tri-gen plant also utilize waste heat to drive an waste heat chiller to produce air-conditioning as well as hot water for dehumidification purpose.

  • Bio-fuel power generation system with waste heat recovery system
  • Waste heat driven adsorption chiller/heat pump system
  • Integrated fully automatic control system
  • Auto synchronized with CLP grid at CIC ZCB (Not need for onsite generation)
  • Biogas/Towngas version under final stage of development
  • Thermal efficiency exceed 80% ( compare with 40% at coal fired power station)

Towngas / Biogas / Biodiesel Tri-generation System

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