Heat Transfer & Heat Recovery Solutions

GEABloc Full Welded Plate Heat Exchangers

GEABloc combines two different plate corrugations in an innovative way. The plates are rotated through 90° to one another and then welded together to produce two different cross-flow channels. The frame is made of four pillars, a bottom plate and a top plate together with four side pressure plates, and connections mounted in the pressure plates. All frame components are bolted together for easily dismantling to clean and maintain the plate pack.

NT / NX Plate Heat Exchangers

High performance

An optimized plate design which enables your wishes to come true, in that higher heat transfer can be achieved with less surface area. This simply means: less investment.

More applications

A universal plate program creates flexibility, through which your requirements can be realized even more accurately.

Quicker maintenance

New gasket- & attachment technology making servicing easier and providing a firm, perfect fit of gaskets and plates.


The names “REKULUVO” (recuperative air pre-healer) and “REKUGAVO” (recuperative gas pre-heater) describe two highly efficient, fully welded plate heat exchangers for gaseous products, working according to the countercurrent principle. This system achieves very high heat recovery rates.

The heat transfer surfaces consist of profiled plates with a high specific capacity which are welded together info self-supporting packs. Both gases flow through the plates in countercurrent and are separated from each other without leakage. Mixing of the two gas streams is thus almost completely excluded.

Media Gaseous media such as air or waste gases with up to 100% moisture and up to ca. 100g/m2 dust
Local capacity Harmful substances such as sulphur, chlorine and fluoride
Volumetric flow Minimum 5,000 Nm2/h, up to ca. 2,000,000 Nm2/h
Temperature Up to ca. 500°C
Pressure Up to ca. 400 mbar pressure difference
Efficiency Up to 97%

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