Gas Heat Pump

GAHP technology can provide up to 40% saving on heating costs, payback time as short as 2 years depending on application

The Robur Gas Absorption Heat Pumps (GAHP) using renewable energy are the perfect blend of the two most common heating technologies: gas condensing boiler and electric heat pump

  • CO2 emission is reduced by 4.2 Tons annually (equivalent to planting 599 trees)
  • Every year 1.6 Toe (Tons of oil equivalents) are saved
  • Meet the objective of reducing energy consumption as required by the Kyoto Protocol
  • With the refrigerant having GWP – Global Warning Potential – of less than 1.0 < ODP = 0
  • The best heating and cooling solution to solve the problem of greenhouse gases related global warming

Robur gas-fired absorption heat pumps also qualfiy as A+++ class in the heating systems classification scheme proposed by the European Commission. Energy savings and reduction of CO2 emissions by up to 50% could be achieved relative to the best condensing boiler.

GAHP – WS Series

Condensing and modulating Water Source Gas Absorption
Heat Pump for simultaneous production of hot and cold water


  • Power by Natural gas, Town gas or LPG
  • Use of 35.7% water source energy
  • Efficiency levels of 244% (simultaneous operation)
  • No external exchange source required, thus reducing installation and running costs


Condensing and modulating Air Source Gas Absorption Heat Pump for heating (GAHP-AR is reverse cycle for winter heating and summer cooling)


  • Power by Natural gas, Towngas or LPG
  • 38 kw heating, 17 kw cooling
  • Use of 32.7% / 25.3% air source energy
  • Peak efficiencies of 165% / 149 %
  • 32.7% / 25.3% reductions in annual heating costs and in CO2 emissions
  • GAHP-AR: Also designed for cooling purposes, reducing electricity requirements up to 86%

HR Series

Gas fired absorption chiller for cooling with heat recovery


  • 18kw cooling
  • Optional free hot water production during cooling operation
  • Extremely low electricity consumption: saving up to 88% of electricity compared with a traditional electrical system
  • Requiring neither additional energy nor upgrading or modification of the electrical cabin
  • Complete system flexibility of service and providing the cooling output according to seasonal demands (multiple links available on request)

Gas Air heaters - M Series

  • Robur gas unit heaters ensures reliable heating with low heat stratification (only 0.30 C/m) thanks to the exclusive “Robur Ground Effect”.
  • The heat exchanger is made out of a special aluminum die-cast alloy, Robur patented, it splits the air flow into different layers having different temperatures : lower temperature at high level and vice versa higher temperature at low level.
  • Robur gas fired unit heaters are modular and independent, this means heating only when and where needed. With Robur units, within 30 minutes even the largest spaces are warmed, as proven by tests carried out at the Robur research and development center.


Available in a wide range of outputs and versions to satisfy all needs :

  • Standard with axial fan
  • Designed for ducting applications, with centrifugal fan
  • For outdoor installation with no need for weather protection
  • M heaters are ideal for heating in industrial premises and workshops, show-rooms and greenhouses facilities.

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