Dual Fuel Generator

Economize on the cost of your power generation by converting your diesel generator sets to bi-fuel (Diesel + Natural Gas) operation

ComAp’s simple bi-fuel conversion modifies your original diesel engine so that it uses natural gas as the main fuel – substantially reducing operating costs.

It works by introducing gas to the engine via various technologies and then electronically controlling flow dependent on engine speed and output.

Main features

Bi-fuel conversion requires virtually no engine modification and brings double benefits in every application:

  • Affordable diesel engines combined with inexpensive natural gas
  • Economic solution for slow-speed, middle-speed and high-speed engines
  • Flexible use of fuel
  • Guaranteed power output
  • Efficient and safe operation with lower emissions
  • Longer engine life and reduced maintenance costs makes it the perfect investment

High Speed Engine Conversion System

How it works

Gas is mixed with air by a common mixer installed before the turbocharger(s). Gas flow is controlled by a throttle valve, which is electronically operated by the ComAp control system InteliDrive BF according to the required engine output and speed. In order to avoid knocking of the engine, ComAp knocking detector/controller DENOX is installed, thus enabling engine operation at the most efficient gas/diesel ratio.

System for conversion of industrial diesel engines to bi-fuel operation by substitution of typically 50-80% natural gas for diesel.

Slow & Middle Speed Engine Conversion System

How it works

Gas is injected into the cylinder inlet manifold by individual gas electromagnetic valves installed as close to the suction valves as possible. The electromagnetic valves are separately timed and controlled by the ComAp injection control uni INCON.

This system interrupts the gas supply to the cylinder during the long overlap of the suction and exhaust valves (typical for the slow-speed and medium-speed engines n while the valve overlap cylinder scavenging is performed). This avoids substantial gas losses and prevents dangerous gas flow to the exhaust manifold.

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