Heliostat Solar Cooling / Heating System

Heliostat is a device that utilize concave mirrors which turns so as to keep reflecting sunlight towards a predetermined target, compensating for the sun’s apparent motions in the sky. The use of solar energy in two major areas : To generate heating and cooling via adsorption chiller. The system focus on sun’s rays, so they are up to a few hundred degrees more than normal solar panel. Results in much greater applications

Features :

  • Harmonizing the statics of the building rugged, wind-resistant, suitable for long-term operation
  • Custom-made a new heat exchanger, heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant,
  • The new mirror surface design, which resulted in a nearly square-foot area increase compared with the previous design
  • Instead of analog control, a new digital control unit is designed to utilized the Frankfurt atomic clock to astronomically calculated the real motion of the sun
  • According to the digital technology of satellite module connected in the system under common control and therefore can be operated more efficiently, - Secure, self-regulating mechanism for tilting in high wind condition

Adsorption chiller technology is used for converting heat into chilled water for air-conditioning

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